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Trendy Top Wrap Review

Michelle: Trendy Top was well designed to cover your midsection which keeps others from getting a sneak peek of your underwear or panties whenever you bend down or sit down. I know i've had moments in the past where i would be sitting down on a patio and I could feel the breeze on my backside knowing that I was exposing more than I should have. I think all women have been in the situation that's shown in the infomercial where they were showing a little too much or had to deal with the muffin top but Trendy Top is a fashion accesory that solves this common issue with many women. Now I can finally wear low rise jeans without having to worry about showing too much while I have my trusty Trendy Top on covering my mid section. Trendy Top really isn't a top at all as it just covers your waist. I found the trendy top to be really comfortable to wear as as useful as the cami secret which is another as seen on tv fashion accessory which you can wear that doesn't bulk you up and conceals any extra skin you don't want to show. Trendy Top comes in different colors so you can mix and match it with your different outfits. You can't go wrong with the low cost of this product as it works exactly as shown in the infomercial and you won't have to keep pulling your shirt down anymore or overstretch your shirt possibly damaging it when you sit down to cover your lower back from over exposing. It's very comfortable and very stretchy.

Tag Away
Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

Rick: I always like trying out new workout dvd's and i've tried some of the best of them by beachbody such as the p90x and insanity. I saw the tapout xt extreme mma workout dvd advertised on tv and since i'm a huge UFC fan i wanted to try it out since i've completed the other two programs already. I'm already in great shape but don't want to keep my workouts consistent and needed a change in my morning workout routine before i go to work. The Tapout XT much like the other workout dvd's i've tried kicked my butt. It came with 12 dvd's which focused on a combination of strength, core, cardio and power exercises which were fun to follow along with. I was able to get a great burn in my living room as I kicked, punched and elbowed my way into a crazy sweat. It's inspiring to have jon jones run you through an mma workout as these are some of the best atheletes in the world. The tapout xt plyo xt kicked my butt too and really pushed my body into a new pain which also felt great after as I knew i accomplished a great workout. Tapout xt as good a workout as the p90x by comparison. If you're bored of your current workout routine then i higly suggest buying the tapout xt workout dvd.

Micro Touch Max Trimmer Review

Chris: I've read other Micro Touch Max Reviews and still took the chance to buy it and here I am now writing my own Micro Touch Max Review. This is a hair trimmer that should be in every man's bathroom. Guy's if you have hair sticking out of your nose or ears, do yourself a favor and pick up one of these Micro Touch Max all-in-one personal trimmers. Nose Hair and Ear hair is just not cool especially when the solution costs 15 bucks. I thought this hair trimmer worked great for me and probably will for anyone else.

Ahh Bra
4 Bra Set

Clara: After seeing so many commercials for these as seen on tv brs such as the ahh bra and genie bra I wanted to see what all the hype was about. When it comes to bras I don't think you can get all women to agree on one type of bra but these bras seem to have a lot of positive reviews which is why I had to give them a try. As an older woman in her 40's and having 3 kids I care less about how sexy and attractive my bras are and wanted a bra that gave me comfort first which is exactly what I got from the ahh bra aside from the excellent support. If you're looking for a sexy bra then you won't find it with these bras in fact these are probably the most unsexy bras you'd could wear in my opinion but still well worth the purchase. I decided to go with the ahh bra because from what i've learned they are the original bra manufacturer although for all i know they could all be the same company. My ahh bra fit perfectly and was really comfy. It also makes my clothes look better as it smooths out any bulges. I think if you don't have a large but then you'll find this to be a great sports bra but not for someone like myself. This also makes a great leisure bra and perfect to wear around the house and sleep in. I've had mine for a long time and after several washes it still kept its shape. I'll be ordering more ahh bras and i think they are worth trying out but I don't think they would be too popular for younger women but for older and busty women looking for a bra that is finally comfortable you'll appreciate these bras. It comes in different colors too which is great because you can mix and match it with different outfits.

Schticky Lint Roller
Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

Rachel: I thought the Schticky was so much more than just a reusable lint roller. I've used lint brushes in the past and found that they leve lint behind unlike the schticky which manages to successfully remove lint from clothes, draperies and furniture. This product will literally save you money in the long run since you don't have to keep buying new lint brushes or lint rollers since you can just run the schticky underneath running water and its as good as new and ready to use again. I've used the schticky on pet hair, dust, dry food spills, of course lint and it works like a charm. When your schticky is dry that's when its actually sticky. It is also backed by a 10 year warranty. I'm not usually one to boast about as seen on tv products but i had to write a schticky review because this product really works. The slap chop and sham wow have proven to be popular to the public and it doesn't surprise me that the schticky will be too.

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