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Flex Belt Ab Toning System Review

Clark: I had my doubts about buying the flex belt but it really works great at tightening my abs. Since I started using it I feel like there is less strain on my back since my core is stronger and has more definition. After I had my second child I had some minor back issues and put on a lot of weight. The flex belt really helped me strengthen mine core and lower back and compliments the rest of my workout routine since I don't have to do situps which always end up leading to back and neck pain so I just don't do them. In about 3 weeks I started to notice a difference. Flex belt is no gimmick and it's no surprise that so many celebrities are behind this ab belt. If you're someone who can't do ab exercises because of pain or just flat out hate working their abs then the flex belt is for you. Thought it was a bit pricey at first but in the end it proved to be well worth the money.

Finishing Touch Diamond Hair Remover Review

Tara: I was very happy with the level of customer service and the delivery time. The probably I found was that the edges were sharp and you had to be very careful when using it. Since I've been using it the hair has been growing back thinner and it works well on the face. I've purchased other shavers in the past and spent up to $60 and they always ended up breaking soon. The finishing touch diamond is still working today and works great on small patches of fine hair but sometimes I get left with stubble. It didn't work that great on my eye brows and I'd still prefer to use tweezers. My husband uses it from time to time and likes it more than I do because it works great for sideburns and facial hair. For the price of the finishing touch diamond it's certainly worth it.

Eggies System – Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Review

Leora: Hi, I wanted to submit my own Eggies review since I was so glad I purchased this must have kitchen product. I didn't think the product was anything practical when I first saw the eggies infomercial since peeling hard boiled eggs isn't too difficult in my opinion. I've skimmed through other eggies reviews and found that most people had the same things to say that I found through my experience with the eggies. It only took a couple weeks for the eggies system to be delivered to my home. Using this product isn't rocket science but very handy when making breakfast in the morning now. I can prepare devilish eggs very easily and all sorts of great breakfast ideas. I also received two eggies with my order so I gave the second one to my mother who doesn't use it nearly as much as I do but still found it to be a great product. I did get some spillage the first few times I used it but eventually got using the eggies system right. I didn't get the mess that one eggies review stated as mine came out just fine just remember to be careful and you'll be fine, and it's definitely a lot less mess than the traditional way of hard boiling eggs and not to mention easier. Usually when I make hard boiled eggs i run them under cold water to cool them off, i applied the same task with the eggies to cool them off. I like the way you can also keep them on a plate without them rolling off since they are flat on one site which makes them very convenient to serve. I would definitely say get the eggies if you haven't gotten one as you'll find great use for this as seen on tv kitchen product in your kitchen and most likely want to give your own positive eggies review after you've tried it.

Trendy Top Wrap Review

Michelle: Trendy Top was well designed to cover your midsection which keeps others from getting a sneak peek of your underwear or panties whenever you bend down or sit down. I know i've had moments in the past where i would be sitting down on a patio and I could feel the breeze on my backside knowing that I was exposing more than I should have. I think all women have been in the situation that's shown in the infomercial where they were showing a little too much or had to deal with the muffin top but Trendy Top is a fashion accesory that solves this common issue with many women. Now I can finally wear low rise jeans without having to worry about showing too much while I have my trusty Trendy Top on covering my mid section. Trendy Top really isn't a top at all as it just covers your waist. I found the trendy top to be really comfortable to wear as as useful as the cami secret which is another as seen on tv fashion accessory which you can wear that doesn't bulk you up and conceals any extra skin you don't want to show. Trendy Top comes in different colors so you can mix and match it with your different outfits. You can't go wrong with the low cost of this product as it works exactly as shown in the infomercial and you won't have to keep pulling your shirt down anymore or overstretch your shirt possibly damaging it when you sit down to cover your lower back from over exposing. It's very comfortable and very stretchy.

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Rick: I always like trying out new workout dvd's and i've tried some of the best of them by beachbody such as the p90x and insanity. I saw the tapout xt extreme mma workout dvd advertised on tv and since i'm a huge UFC fan i wanted to try it out since i've completed the other two programs already. I'm already in great shape but don't want to keep my workouts consistent and needed a change in my morning workout routine before i go to work. The Tapout XT much like the other workout dvd's i've tried kicked my butt. It came with 12 dvd's which focused on a combination of strength, core, cardio and power exercises which were fun to follow along with. I was able to get a great burn in my living room as I kicked, punched and elbowed my way into a crazy sweat. It's inspiring to have jon jones run you through an mma workout as these are some of the best atheletes in the world. The tapout xt plyo xt kicked my butt too and really pushed my body into a new pain which also felt great after as I knew i accomplished a great workout. Tapout xt as good a workout as the p90x by comparison. If you're bored of your current workout routine then i higly suggest buying the tapout xt workout dvd.

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