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SeenTV Showcase is where you’ll find popular as seen on tv products. If you’ve seen it on TV then you’ll be sure to find it on our website and if you can’t find it just send us an email and we’ll try our best to find you a deal on the net.

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  • Forever Lazy
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    I thought the first time I saw the Forever Lazy it was tacky but I was given one as a gift and now I want to wear it all the time. It's so comfortable even though I feel like a four year old while I'm wearing it since onesies are usually associated with children. I bought a pair for my husband who always hated when I wore mine since let's be honest it's not the sexiest thing someone could wear. Now that the cold is here he's also wearing his when he gets home from work. He works construction and after a day of dealing with the cold he likes putting on his Forever Lazy and just relaxing on the couch since it's so cozy and warm. This is one of those products that some might think isn't a great idea or kind of tacky until you wear it and realize it's your new favorite thing to wear. Buy a forever lazy and you won't regret it especially if you live in a place where winter's get really cold. - Jesse
  • Boom Cube Portable Speaker
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    Overall i was impressed with the sound this little speaker was able to produce. This tiny little low cost speaker is always attached to my key chain and I usually use it to give my laptop better sound quality or if I'm in the kitchen cooking and want to listen to music I'll hook it up to my iPhone. Boom Cube is really convenient compared to other so called portable speakers which were so much larger in size, required AAA batteries so that meant i always had to buy batteries for them and didn't even give me half the sound that the Boom Cube was able to give me. This is a must buy in my opinion if you're looking for speakers to go with your portable devices. I still impressed with mine and I've had it for a few months now. Perfect for music, movies and even if you're gaming on your laptop Boom Cube is probably superior to any speaker I've owned in the past. - Jaime
  • Perfect Tortilla

    The perfect tortilla pans worked very well for me. I thought they were a terrific idea when I first saw them. I usually can't wait to finish whatever is inside the bowl just to be able to devour these delicious tortilla bowls. You don't have to limit yourself to just using them for salads or Mexican cuisine but also works great for serving yogurt or ice cream. You can prepare the shells for dessert by adding a little cinnamon, sprinkles, chocolate and brush lightly with orange juice and it will surely taste great with your ice cream or yogurt. They are non-stick so you don't have to use any sprays but if you do then as mentioned in other perfect tortilla reviews just use olive oil. I've also served soup, lentils and beans in freshly baked tortilla shells. Highly recommend the perfect tortilla maker. - Caitlynn

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Pocket Hose Top Brass has an ingenious accordion design that expands to a full 25 feet and shrinks back down when you’re done. This simple to use hose is long and strong enough for any job including watering the yard, washing the car, and maintaining the garden. Pocket Hose Top Brass is kink, twist, and tangle proof, so you won’t waste time untangling. Pocket Hose Top Brass is super lightweight and hangs or stores anywhere.