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  • Perfect Tortilla

    The perfect tortilla pans worked very well for me. I thought they were a terrific idea when I first saw them. I usually can't wait to finish whatever is inside the bowl just to be able to devour these delicious tortilla bowls. You don't have to limit yourself to just using them for salads or Mexican cuisine but also works great for serving yogurt or ice cream. You can prepare the shells for dessert by adding a little cinnamon, sprinkles, chocolate and brush lightly with orange juice and it will surely taste great with your ice cream or yogurt. They are non-stick so you don't have to use any sprays but if you do then as mentioned in other perfect tortilla reviews just use olive oil. I've also served soup, lentils and beans in freshly baked tortilla shells. Highly recommend the perfect tortilla maker. - Caitlynn
  • Yoshi Blue Skillet

    The Yoshi Blue pan very handy as it heats quickly and evenly and doesn't require oil which is a huge bonus since it's healthy and saves me money from having to use it. I had an issue with my handle as it came a bit loose but other than that I am going to order a few more to give out as gifts. I no longer have to depend on my teflon pans which had become very scratched and I never considered that the scratched surface could actually get into my food until I read someone's yoshi blue pan review. It might not be up to a chefs standards but for the money it's fine. - Selina
  • Side Socket Swivel Multi-Plug
    Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

    I originally purchased three sets of Side Socket. I used two of them in my office and kitchen and another one I took up to my cottage. I love how durable they are and come with a great customer satisfaction guarantee. It takes up little space and functions much better than a power bar or mutli plug outlet. It's probably perfect any room and easily turns 2 outlets into 6 and the pivot feature is probably the best part of this invention since I can easily plug things in behind furniture and eliminates the "bulge". I can't comment on the surge protection but that's definitely an added bonus since i've fried my tv before because I directly plugged it into an outlet. I've since ordered another set since Side Socket has been so convenient. - Cliff

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Pocket Hose Top Brass has an ingenious accordion design that expands to a full 25 feet and shrinks back down when you’re done. This simple to use hose is long and strong enough for any job including watering the yard, washing the car, and maintaining the garden. Pocket Hose Top Brass is kink, twist, and tangle proof, so you won’t waste time untangling. Pocket Hose Top Brass is super lightweight and hangs or stores anywhere.