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  • Slim in 6 Workout Program

    I observed other workout DVD's but then caught the infomercial for Slim in 6 and decided to order it after putting on a lot of weight over the years from eating fast food and sitting at a desk for long hours and basically getting in any physical activity throughout the years I really packed it on. I read many of the slim in 6 reviews that were posted online along with many of the success stories and was convinced to try and incorporate it into my daily routine. Since Since going to the gym would have been a bigger commitment I liked the idea of being able to pop in a DVD first thing when I wake up and go through a workout with Debbie Sieber. After weeks of using it and incorporating a healthier diet it was amazing to see the transformation I would go through week by week as the weight just melted off and my waistline became so much slimmer. It nicely combines cardio and resistance and doesn't hold back from day 1 as it goes right into an intense workout which provided me with the results I wanted. You really have to stick to the meal plan because I would say that without it the workouts will not be as effective and you won't lose weight or at least not nearly as much as if you eat healthy. The flexibility workouts help my muscles get a good stretch and feels great while I'm doing it. This program will work for anyone who puts in the dedication and since using it I've lost 25 pounds and read to take a vacation and look great in a bikini. But I recommend instead of just reading slim in 6 reviews you try it for yourself and form your own opinion and see how it can change your life. - Jamie
  • Easy Reach Plant Pulley

    When I was a kid I remember my mother always struggling with her hanging plants. We lived in a home that had high ceilings which also meant some of the plants hung pretty high. She would go up and down a ladder to get to the plants to give them water. The easy reach plant pulley has changed everything. The Easy Reach allows my mother to easily get to her indoor hanging plants very easily as you just need to give a small tug to the base as pot eases it self down removing any effort allowing for watering and when you're done the easy reach retracts back up again. This is truely a great product because you don't have to rely on water hoses or risking injury by climbing up ladders. What makes this new invention so cool is the way its designed. I'm surprised nobody's come up with a gardening solution like this before. If you're looking to decorate your home with hanging plants then you'll wanto to buy easy reach plant pulley and I've found this product to be a great deal since it only sells for $10. - Selma
  • Eggies System - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

    I love eggs and eggies simplifies making eggs. The eggies system is the best as seen on tv product i've bought in a long time. Of course, when it comes to cooking hard boiled eggs this means work since removing shells can create a mess. Eggies is the new way to finally cook eggs without having to peel a single shell. Eggies is great for everyone whether you're a stay at home parent, grandparents, babysitters .. anyone! It's just so simple to use since all you do is crack the egg and pour into the eggies and in no time you get the perfect hard boiled egg. With eggies you can cook eggs so fast that you can cook up to 6 eggs in just 30 seconds. The eggies system is designed with a flat bottom so that once you remove the eggies and put them on a plate they will stand still and not roll around since your eggs will be flat on one side. I was very content with the time it took for the eggies system to be delivered to my house and making breakfast for my kids is now so much easier thanks to the eggies system. - Crissa
  • Bake Pop Cake Pops

    I was really debating buying the bake pops pan since it had a few bad reviews. I used it the first night it arrived at my home only a week after i had placed the order online. I didn't buy it from amazon because a friend of mine ordered the bake pops from amazon and she had a bad experience so i ordered the bake pops pan from the official site and had a great experience. The first night i kept it simple and make basic cake pops sort of like the ones i saw at starbucks which drove me to try them out. I followed the instructions and added the pudding and got 18 perfect bake pop cake pops which were devoured in almost seconds by my kids. The bake pops pan is really easy to use unless you want to challenge yourself and make characters which i will eventually want to try out for my daughters birthday but since I bought it i just made simple cake pops. If you have kids this is a great baking product to have and kids have a lot of fun decorating them when they're ready. - Trina

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