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Homeopathic Topical Remedy! Tag Away Skin Tag Remover is a homeopathic, topical remedy made from all-natural plant extracts that help eliminate those harmless skin overgrowths without any pain. Tag Away Skin Tag Remover removes skin tags the all-natural way with its special formula that contains natural plant extracts and the active ingredient Thuja occidentalis – […]

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Product Description

tagawaySkin Tags are a common problem that affects many people especially into adulthood. Despite these pesky skin growths being harmless they can become embarrassing and quite expensive to remove. Tag Away is an all-natural remedy which has been launched in the United States and quickly become a national seller due to it’s skin tag removal properties and has been approved the by the HPUS (Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States) as being a safe and natural way to clear skin tags.

What are skin tags ?

Skin Tags are small pieces of hanging flesh which are harmless and non-cancerous. They are equally found with both men and women typically in adulthood. There are a number of causes in which skin tags occur such as obesity, diet, skin chaffing or rubbing and genetics. They can range from a tiny bump measuring only 1mm to a large piece of hanging flesh the size of a grape or even bigger in rarer cases. Skin Tags are usually found on the neck, under arms, under breasts for pregnant women, eye lids and even sensitive areas. Despite these small bumps being harmless most people who have them want to get rid of them for cosmetic reasons or may find them bothersome in cases where they may get caught on clothing or jewelry.

What separates Tag Away from other skin tag remedies is that it is made from all-natural plant extracts so you don’t have to worry about applying any harsh chemicals to your skin. It is also safe for all skin types including those with hyper sensitive skin and will not damage the skin unlike other skin tag removal products that are sold over the counter. Tag Away does take longer, approximately 3-8 weeks to see results however it does not leave any scarring or marks behind unlike more invasive procedures such as burning or surgery.

The active ingredient behind Tag Away is an essential oil called Thuja Occidentalis which comes from a coniferous tree found in Eastern parts of Canada and the United States. It has been used for centuries to treat different issues such as nausea and headaches, skin ailments such as ringworm, warts and thrush and also used in disinfectants and soaps. Thuja Occidentalis was also known to cure the famous explorer Jacques Cartier and his crew from scurvy due to it’s high vitamin C content.

Why use Tag Away?

It’s Affordable!

Unlike other skin tag removal methods which can cost in the hundreds in paying doctors bills or cosmetic surgery you can order Tag Away which can be delivered right to your home for only a small fraction of the cost of more invasive procedures. For just $19.99 plus shipping and handling you can take advantage of the Buy 1 Get 1 FREE exclusive offer today and see your skin tags disappear in just 3-8 weeks.

It’s Easy to Use!

Just follow the simple instructions that come with your order. For best results simply wash the surface of the skin first so that other products do not counteract with it’s healing properties and apply the solution with a q-tip or cotton swab and gently dab the desired area 3 times per day. Tag Away is completely painless and safe to use on all skin types.

Thuja Occidentalis

Thuja Occidentalis

All-Natural Ingredients

Tag Away is made from all-natural plant extracts that are safe to use on even those with hyper sensitive skin unlike other products which may contain harsh chemicals and may compromise the skin and lead to rashes or scarring.

Today you can take advantage of this exclusive Buy 1 Get 1 FREE offer for only $19.99 plus $9.95 shipping and handling. Delivery time can take from 3-4 weeks and shipping is only available to residents of the United States. Your order includes a 30 day money-back guarantee however the money-back guarantee does not include shipping and handingling charges.

Tag Away should not be used to treat other skin issues. For other skin problems or a skin disease please visit a doctor for medical attention since Tag Away is to only treat skin tags.

Homeopathic Topical Remedy!

Tag Away Skin Tag Remover is a homeopathic, topical remedy made from all-natural plant extracts that help eliminate those harmless skin overgrowths without any pain. Tag Away Skin Tag Remover removes skin tags the all-natural way with its special formula that contains natural plant extracts and the active ingredient Thuja occidentalis – a pure essential oil recognized for its tag-removing properties.

Benefits of Tag Away Skin Tag Remover:

  • Natural
  • No Scarring
  • No Pain
  • No Chemicals
  • All Skin Types
  • Dries & Falls Away
  • Works in 3-8 Weeks

OFFER DETAILS: Order Tag Away Skin Tag Remover right now for $19.99 +$9.95 P&H and you’ll receive a second bottle of Tag Away Skin Tag Remover FREE! That’s a total of $29.94

Tag Away Skin Tag Remover

Have you ever had to deal with annoying skin tags, and wish that there was a simple and natural way to get rid of them without having to go see your doctor? Skin tags are just simple skin overgrowths, that are typically seen around the neck. Also known as an acrochordon, as well as a number of other names. The small tag of skin may have a stalk, and generally looks like a smallest piece of hanging skin. There are many different places in which the skin tags can appear on the body. They should not be alarming, and although they may be annoying, they can generally be removed with a number of at-home remedies, including Tag Away Skin Tag Remover.

About Skin Tags

There are several different areas of the body in which they typically are found. One of the most common areas of the body, is the eyelids. Here, skin rubs against skin, which can create variations in the way that skin grows, which can lead to skin tags. It is also commonly found in the armpits, where skin also rubs together, as well as under the press and in the groin area. The upper chest is another common place for skin tags, with the neck also being very common, along the line in which your shirt rubs against your body. Skin tags are noncancerous, and typically very benign, but are considered tumors and the fact that they are unwarranted gross of skin. It comes when no symptoms, and less they are continuously rubbed, in which case they may become a bit painful in have to be dealt with.

tag-away-as-seen-on-tvSkin tags are typically made of skin, nerve cells, fat cells, and a core of fibers. Some people commonly receive skin tags throughout their life, while for others it is a relatively uncommon occurrence. Some people are always going to be more susceptible to skin tags, with the most common skin tags coming for overweight individuals. It can also be attributed to her ready, and there are a variety of unknown reasons that can cause individuals to be more susceptible to them. Additionally, the individuals that have diabetes, and pregnant women tend to get more skin tags and normal people. It has been found that skin tags are found in both men and women equally, with neither finding it a more common occurrence.

Skin tags can fall off, however you should not count on this happening. This is a relatively rare occurrence, and most skin tags are not going to just naturally fall off without having been near dated by closer some other substance. This growth of epidermis is connected to your other skin, and should be taken care of quickly and easily. Skin tags are also very common occurrence is for individuals that are in the middle of their lives. They are mostly seen in individuals that are overweight and obese, pregnant women, individuals that have diabetes, individuals that have HPV, as well as illegal steroid use.

Luckily, Tag Away Tag Remover homeopathic topical remedy is now available so that you can put it on your skin tags, in order to remove them from your skin. The tags are removed in an all-natural way, by using the special formula that is included in the topical cream, and has a number of different extracts from plants, utilizing, most essentially the active ingredient Thuja occidentalis, and oil that is known for removing skin tags in helping with the removal of other skin growths.

If you are someone that regularly has to deal with skin tags, and are tired of going to the doctor to get them removed, you may want to consider a homeopathic remedy that is all natural, and is not going to cost any long-lasting effects were way too heavily on your pocketbook. By taking your skin tag growth into your own hands, you can free yourself from the regular doctors visits that many people that deal with skin tags have to deal with, in order to get them properly removed. There many things that need to be taken into consideration as you look for a product to help you with your skin tags, but most of all you just need to get an idea of whether or not they are enough of a problem for you to take extra measures into your own hands.

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14 reviews for Tag Away
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    noticed that Tag Away ad every time I turned on the television and since it was inexpensive and all-natural for removing skin tags I thought I’d give it a try. I’ve had some skin tags that were quite large on my neck and although they don’t hurt they still made me embarrassed to have them especially if I wore more wide neck shirts. I didn’t read any of the tag away reviews until I actually got the product. I’m not surprised why this product has been so popular among those who have bought it. I’ve used it for several weeks before my skin tags started to dry up and fall off. It feels amazing to be able to run my hand over my neck and not feel my skin tags anymore but instead smooth skin. If you’re looking to get rid of skin tags then you’ll want to use this natural remedy and not have to do any surgical procedures where they have to use local anesthetics and cut the skin tag out and stitch it up possibly leaving scars like I initially was going to get done through my dermatologist. Tag Away is painless, costs only $20 and works!

  3. :

    I had some skin tags under my arms that I’ve had for a long time and they kept me from wearing tank tops. They really looked gross and embarrassing. I finally decided I wanted to do something about it and came across TagAway. What I like about this product is that it offers so much more than the other as seen on tv skin tag remover and had a lot more positive reviews. It took only a month of applying TagAway for my skin tags to finally be gone. Now I can finally wear tank tops again.

  4. :

    Great Product!!! Bought the tag way skin tag remover about 2 months ago and i’m completely skin tag free now. I honestly thought that it was either surgery or i was going to be stuck with these skin tag growths on my body for the rest of my life. I had some small ones but i had one big one on my neck which has bled out before and was very uncomfortable especially after i decided to put alcohol on the open wound. I searched online for remedies that i could try out and i figured that anything was worth trying. Reading up on the tag away skin tag remedy made me want to try it out because it made promises that it was safe, effective and painless and at the end of the skin tag removal treatment it would leave no scarring. Tag Away surprisingly met all it’s promises and best of all it only cost $20 for 2 bottles. This product is a miracle cure if you ask me. It might take longer than other methods but at least it’s all-natural and there are no chemicals and it has no side effects. If you’re looking to get rid of unsightly skin tags then your best option is probably the tag away skin tag remover.

  5. :

    I decided to write a review for Tag Away because I was very happy with this product. For starters it only costs $30 which is a great price to get rid of a skin problem that’s hard to cure considering that price is a fraction of what you’ll pay at the doctors office or for other medications or invasive treatments to remove skin tags. It took a little bit longer than I expected but I was happy to see great results in the end as the skin tags were finally gone. It does have a strong smell to it that is unpleasant but that’s a small price to pay to get rid of my plaguing skin tags. Delivery was quick and I’ve placed another order for my husband to treat his skin tags.

  6. :

    The promises made in the Tag Away infomercial seemed a little too good to be true much like most as seen on tv products which had let me down before in the past. It claims to remove skin tags in just a 60 days or less of application and is made from all natural plant ingredients which also got me questioning how effective this product really is. Surprisingly, this product actually lived up to it’s claims. It really is a safe and painless way of getting rid of them without any burning or freezing. Over the course of the 60 days my skin tags would just shrivel up and eventually fall off without me sometimes noticing. I was able to get rid of all the skin tags with both bottles and if I get any in the future this will be the solution i’ll be buying again. You do have to wait a long time for some skin tags and you really can’t know when the solution will actually get rid of the skin tag. If you go to a dermatologist you can spend a lot more money and depending on the procedure it can be painful from what I’ve heard and can also potentially leave scars behind. Overall i’m happy with my purchase and it’s a great natural way to get rid of skin tags.

  7. :

    I was sitting on the fence for a while whether or not to buy Tag Away since it had a lot of mixed reviews but in the end I was surprised at how effective it worked on getting rid of my skin tags that have become very sore and irritated on my neck from constant rubbing against them. I’ve had issues in the past ordering as seen on TV products but Tag Away was not only delivered in just a short week but also started working very quickly got rid of my skin tags and I didn’t have to spend money to go to see a doctor in order to get rid of them. Patience is definitely a virtue when you’re using Tag Away because it does take time for the solution to dry up the skin tags. Chances are if you’re like me and have had skin tags for a really long time another 6 weeks or so of applying Tag Away isn’t such a big deal since you’ll surely get rid of them when you’re done your treatment and there won’t be any side effects unlike other skin tag treatments.

  8. :

    Tag Away is probably one of the best remedies I’ve used in a long time. It seems like everytime I turned on my television I would see the commercial for Tag Away and since I had skin tags I’ve been looking to get rid of I decided to place an order online. Skin tags aren’t a pretty skin issue to have and in fact are probably one of the worst I’ve ever had since they don’t just disappear after a week. Although it did take longer than I anticipated my skin issue was resolved in the end which made me glad I bought it. It’s nice to know that when my husband runs his hand on my neck he doesn’t have to feel my skin tags. If you’re considering making an expensive trip to the dermatologist for treating your skin tags then Tag Away should be your first option.

  9. :

    I’ve had skin tags for a very long time and they weren’t the type of skin tags i’ve seen on some people where they were giant fleshy bumps. Mine were small bumps. I’ve scratched them off in the past which caused them to bleed but eventually they’d be gone after a while but that method was very painful and sometimes resulted in really bad scabs. I sometimes would cut skin tags by accident while shaving the back of my neck. I decided to give Tag Away a try since it didn’t cost and only set me back under $25. I thought the smell was rather potent but that didn’t really bother me that much since the stuff worked like magic. It only took three weeks for my skin tags to be completely gone and I still have most of it left over.

  10. :

    I just got rid of a skin tag that was under my arm pit that i’ve had for over a year now. I hated going to the gym and lifting my arms to expose this weird piece of hanging flesh so I always wore t-shirts that would cover up my under arms. I can now wear tank tops again now that my skin tag has been removed thanks to using tag away. I’m so glad this stuff worked and that it wasn’t expensive and safe to use on my skin since I have pale skin that reacts to almost anything I apply to it. Tag Away is a must if you have skin tags!

  11. 5 out of 5


    I’ve tried another skin tag removal product I bought from the pharmacy but it irritated my skin really badly and caused a rash. When I saw the ad on television for Tag Away i wanted to read up on it some more and see what others had to say about it based on their personal tag away reviews. People who’ve used it seemed to all unanimously like it but I had to try it for myself to see if it really did live up to all it’s claims. For the first two weeks I really thought it wasn’t working until the third week when my skin tags started drying up and looked as though they had gotten smaller and by week 7 they were completely gone. No skin irritation at all which was great and best of all my skin tags were gone. If you have skin tags then Tag Away is the answer!

  12. 4 out of 5


    My body felt like it was being taken over by those tiny little skin growths and something had to be done. Finally an all natural homeopathic solution that works to remove skin tags that worked like a charm. I’ve read the most ridiculous solutions for removing skin tags such as using dental floss, duct tape and other methods that sounded like they’d either be painful or bloody. I’ve read many reviews and about tons of other skin tag removal systems but Tag Away was one that I felt was a trusted product from reading around online. It really worked in getting rid of the growths on my body and I will surely order more when I’m finished. So far I was able to get rid of two large skin tags that were on my neck that made me feel older than I actually was. If you want something that actually works and don’t want to spend a lot of money then I think Tag Away might be your best option.

  13. 4 out of 5


    If you have skin tags and want to get rid of them then this product is the answer. I bought Tag Away because my sister had got great results from using it so I decided to place an order online. In under a month my skin tags started drying up. Skin Tags obviously run in our family and I’m sure even though I’ve removed them they’re going to come but but a least I’m armed with an skin tag ointment that works and is safe and painless. You don’t have to worry about scars from trying to remove skin tags with any methods that can damage your skin and it’s made from plant ingredients. This is really a miracle cure for anyone that’s been suffering from skin tags.

  14. 3 out of 5


    After reading some online reviews after I had placed my order I got a little worried it wasn’t going to work. I don’t know if those sites are run by the many competitors of this skin tag remedy who are trying to give Tag Away some bad reviews on purpose but it definitely worked in clearing up my skin tags. It worked a lot quicker on some of my skin tags then it did on others and it was regardless of the size. Some of them have already faded away while others are starting to finally be gone. This stuff works!

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